The Amazing Metal Hose
That’s Stronger, Lighter & More Durable
Than Most Ordinary Hoses—
Guaranteed For Life or Your Money Back!

60-Day Money Back Guarantee | As Seen on TV
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Flex Steel Hose

  • Nearly Impossible to Puncture,
    Tear, or Rip!
  • Ultimate Durability. Ultimate Flexibility!
  • Lightweight – Easy to Carry!
  • Stands Up to the Harshest Weather
    & UV Rays.
  • Kink-Free. No Rips. No Tears. No Tangles.
    No Tangle Coil – Rolls Back in Seconds!
  • Holds Heavy Duty Water Pressure –
    Extra Long High Pressure Stream!
  • Virtually Indestructible!

Flex Steel Hose is the Last
Hose You’ll Ever Buy

Does your rubber garden hose kink, tangle, and leak? Is it heavy and difficult to carry?

Discover the Flex Steel Hose. It’s made of flexible steel that’s heavy-duty and extremely durable. Plus, it’s so lightweight, even a child can manage it with ease.

It’s being called the toughest hose in the world. Sharp thorns, exposed nails, not even an industrial grinder can pierce the Flex Steel Metal Hose.*

The secret is the super strong Flex Steel armor-like casing. It flexes like rubber, but it’s virtually indestructible. It’s better, smarter, and stronger than any garden hose you've seen before.

And when you’re done, storage can’t be easier. Just coil it back up! It’s kink-free, rip-free, tear and tangle-free.

The Flex Steel Flexible Garden Hose is so strong, it’s guaranteed for life. Or your money back!

If You Want a Hose You Can
Treat Rough, Get The One Metal Hose That’s Lifetime-Tough!

*Demonstrated by In-House Testing.